CG Studios is a Full Service Animation Studio

Animated Videos
Interactive 3D
3D Configurator
Augmented and Virtual Reality
3D Still Images

Animated Videos

Sometimes the best way to show why your product is better than the competition is by explaining it through 3D animation. Our HD explainer videos highlight your solutions and can simplify complex and technical details, structures and installations in a way that traditional video footage can’t deliver.

Interactive 3D

Whether it is a standard 3D model or an annotated 3D interactive with clickable product information, CG Studios provides flexible and easy to deploy options for elevating your 2D content into an engaging 3D solution.

3D Configurators

B2B or D2C our online configuration studios allow your potential buyers to build their own product and view the options and finished deliverable in a dynamic 3D interactive. This solution is easy to integrate into your existing website and CG Studios handles all of the development and technical details.


This is what we mean by “immersive experiences”. CG Studios makes the process of bringing your products and solutions to the virtual world easily and cost effectively. Maximize your 3D engagement with our Augmented and Virtual Reality options.

3D Still

3D Stills

Our team operates as an extension of your team to fine tune textures, lighting, materials and can even virtually place your project in an existing environment. CG Studios takes your designs and delivers cost effective 3D Fly Arounds and Photo Realistic 3D still imagery.

Our working process

Step 1

We plan. We discuss your budget, goals and ideas, making sure we understand your inspiration and needs.

Step 2

We create. Our design and project team works with you until your vision becomes reality.

Step 3

We Deliver. CG Studios has the experience to meet your content creation needs. We work, review and edit until you say it’s perfect.

Industries We Work With



Retail and E-commerce


Vehicles and Auto Parts

Technology and Electronics

Furniture and Home Goods

Digital Signage


Furniture and Home Goods

Healthtech and Medical Devices

Film, Television, & Video Streaming

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