How Can Animated Videos Be Used For Business?

Whether you are experiencing a growth of traffic on your company’s website and the business is booming, or you are struggling to keep it together, each business still has room to improve. With the rapid advancement in nearly every industry, thanks to the Internet and digital technology, there are still efforts you can make that will tremendously increase the brand’s visibility and legitimacy. Don’t despair, thinking that your business cannot be further marketed, or that it has reached its peak, as we are determined to show you how animated videos can be used for business expansion.

Videos As The Most Wide-Spread Medium

When it comes to developing a firm marketing strategy, most businesses are going to launch TV marketing campaigns with video ads. This, of course, has proven to be fruitful, yet it’s far from the only use of video marketing that is available nowadays. If you step back for a second, you will realize that our world is currently being overwhelmed with video content such as Facebook live videos, tutorial videos, videos on youtube, social media videos that evoke emotions, etc.

We spend around two and a half hours on social media each day, and our most common activity is sharing and watching video content. Social shares are the essence of social media marketing, and they will drive most traffic from it to a company or person that is posting them. This is how influencers came into power, using their vast audiences to promote certain products and amass huge financial gain from it.

Animated Videos In Business

Visual information is processed up to 60 thousand times faster than textual. Even though an image is quite useful, it has its limitations in the world of content marketing. That is why most businesses resort to employing their own animated video specialists and video editors. Creating animated corporate videos has some key benefits over other types of videos, just as the list below will convince you:

  • The animation is easily customizable and tailored to your specific needs. You can hire an expert or rely on an animated production company to design and create your corporate video or a product demo.
  • You’re able to create high-quality videos in your own animation style, along with sound effects and motion graphics that will become a branded video and spur recognition after some time.
  • There are various tools to create animated content that your video production company can use to gain an advantage for you in the online marketing world.
  • They rank high on search engines, as they are more likely to be looked at than any other content.

Animation in Marketing

We’ve already touched on video content marketing versatility and its use in digital media, as well. However, let’s review once again the true scope that videos have to fully encapsulate your entire marketing strategy. You can use them in commercial pieces for TV, animated explainer videos on social media, product demo videos, or a video infographic for your website – the possibilities are vast. You can hype up an event at your store with an event video, a live-action video, or an interactive video that will engage your audience even further.

Online media marketing is at its peak, and there has never been such a huge range of content that can be applied in business marketing. Amongst all video content, animated corporate video still tops all charts of usability and ROI, which is why you’ll see more and more people going for the explainer video company next door.

Boosting the Sales Process

Procuring a sales video might not be as easy, as there are several pitfalls that you need to steer clear of. You should not engage in so-called ‘direct’ marketing or assertive ways of placing your product into the minds of the audience. You should, however, let the video animation speak for you and do your best to highlight the product in the environment that surrounds it.

In case you’re doing a live presentation of the product, you may want to check out a few subtle marketing techniques online. Your audience will appreciate the product so much more if you give an interactive presentation of how it works, rather than just talking about it. Add some 3D animation on a slide show behind you, and you’ll be sure that you scored all the good points. This is one of the proven ways of building trust among buyers and establishing an emotional connection with the crowd in front of you.

Educational Animated Videos For Internal Operations

Besides investing in an animated infographic for your website, along with various marketing videos and product videos to boost sales, there are other ways you can use videos for your business. One such example is creating an animated explainer video, one that will serve as a training guide for your employees and staff. These animated tutorials can be anything you want them to be, from demonstrating how to use a piece of equipment to explaining internal communication practices within the company. If you want to break down a difficult concept for the new employees, it’s vital to use techniques that will sear this information into their brains. That’s why we have animated production.

Ultimately, we suggest you work with video marketers to help you devise an explainer video script or other video scripts that you want to use for, say, training videos for your employees. In case you need a business video or an explainer video, the industry of video production is huge and will tend to your every need. You just need to know what kind of impact you want to make.


Think about animated videos next time you want to shine with your presentation. With an animated corporate video, everyone present will be on the edge of their seats, wanting to hear more from you. In case you want to hear more from us, subscribe to our newsletter here.

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