How Our New Subscription Service Helps You and Your Company

While many companies have tossed around a subscription model, there are not as many explanations to the reason why that model is ideal. True subscription models put the client or customer at the center. You see, the product itself is not the center of the arrangement, the goal of the client or customer is. Think Netflix. As the customer you see the shows as the product, while in reality Netflix just wants you to be entertained. The shows are only a tool to be used to entertain. It doesn’t matter what you watch, as long it passes the time and engages you. With the CG Studios subscription service, your video goals are the utmost important to us.

The idea of creating a subscription service for video and animation has been in our leadership team’s thoughts since the studio was acquired and rebranded CG Studios back in 2018. While you can still hire us by project, in order to create even more value, you now also have the choice of our new subscription service as an option. What makes this service ideal is that it is designed for clients that want to create video and animation on a more consistent basis and allows us to become an even more integral part of your team. We can discuss project ideas, changes, questions or tweaks throughout the period without the worry of hourly billing. We can even be part of your team meetings if you’d like. We’re here to help you create something you need and when that’s completed, move forward to the next already planned out project without any delays.

Or as Stephen Capranica, Partner at CG Studios says, “By offering a subscription service, it allows us to work even closer with our clients and become an asset while planning and/or strategizing new marketing or sales campaigns, product launches, and so on. We’re here to help you grow your company, not to just be a commodity.”

Think of our subscription service as an extension to your team but with us we’re here today and tomorrow, we don’t ever call in sick, and we don’t disappear when the project is completed. If your team is having issues with that new project or ideas for another video, our team can come in, collaborate, and assist in coming up with that next idea. With over 50 years of video, animation, marketing, and overall business experience, our leadership team has probably been through something similar and can help.

Top reasons our subscription service is the right choice:

  • There’s no contract
  • We’re honest, you won’t see any added expenses come out of left field
  • We love to collaborate, we can work with your team to create something your audience will love and appreciate
  • We love to take the lead. We can collaborate, but if you’re strapped for time or team members, we can take the ball and run. We’ll provide briefings as we go along so you can see how it looks.
  • If you have a question or challenge, you can speak directly to one of the partners. Deal with the decision makers.

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