How to Repurpose and Maximize Your Videos

Using video in your content marketing is a powerful strategy to promote your products or services and communicate your brand story. While the return on investment of video marketing is high, developing marketing videos is still time-consuming and demands skill, resources, and funds.

It takes time and money to constantly create fresh and engaging video content for your audience. The beauty of video content is that you can maximize its value through repurposing. By repurposing content, you breathe new life into old material – helping you to reach new audiences or target another market while expanding your online presence, credibility, and authority. Here are some ideas on how you can repurpose some of your existing video content.

Go Beyond Your Video’s Original Home

Because so much time, money, and skill went into producing your video content, it deserves to exist in multiple places, across all channels where your target audience may spend their time. This means your video shouldn’t be limited to your website homepage or YouTube channel. Consider embedding your videos in relevant landing pages, publishing on social media, and so on.

Take Snippets of Your Video for Social Media

Facebook and Instagram have time limits for videos. There are also optimal time lengths for video content on social media that make them more successful and effective. Breaking down your videos into quick snippets makes them digestible. The video bites can serve as teasers to view the whole video; therefore, video snippets can help drive traffic to your website or YouTube channel.

Turn Long Video into a Series

Long videos are perfect for splitting up into series. You can publish your video series on social media. Keep viewers engaged by letting them know when the next video in the series will be released.

Turn Video Audio into a Podcast

Turning your video into a podcast appeals to people who prefer to consume audio on the go. According to Convince and Convert, 48 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly – an increase of six million from the year before.

Post Video Frames as Pictures

High-quality videos are filled with still images for you to choose from. Pick the ones that are visually captivating or “Instagrammable.” Post the best still frames with engaging captions and relevant hashtags to improve your discoverability. Screengrabs can be branded with graphic overlays and quoted text.

Turn Video into a Blog

Transcribe your videos and use the transcriptions to create a blog. Transcribing your videos makes them search-friendly for Google, improving your SEO and searchability. To create a blog based on a video, you may refer to the video’s original script. Alternatively, you can use a service or speech-recognition software. And by embedding your video in your blog, you’ll get more views on your video.

Use Video Clips in Your Email Marketing

Adding videos to your email content has the power to boost click rates by a whopping 300%. Take the best parts of your video that can exist on their own or be redeveloped into short video ads and integrated with your newsletters.

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